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Grow tents enable the indoor gardener to have absolute control over the environment in which their vegetable plants are being grown. Grow tents come in many different sizes and can accommodate any style of plant growing, including soil-filled containers, hydroponic systems, aquaponics or an aeroponic setup. With the use of grow tents, fresh, home-grown tomatoes can be enjoyed year round. The tents are easily put together, simple to organize and provide a better environment for plant growing than open-air grow rooms.

Temperature and Humidity

Tomato plants must have very warm temperatures and consistent moisture in order to produce their best crop. If temperature dips below 60 degree Fahrenheit tomatoes plants will cease to grow, 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for tomato growing.

Consistent moisture is needed for the production of perfectly shaped, blemish-free tomatoes. When tomatoes receive inconsistent moisture during their development stage, the fruits will either crack open on top or rot from the bottom (blossom end rot). The cracking and rotting are due to periods of abundant water followed by periods of not enough water. Grow tents allow you to control temperature and moisture all the time for perfect fruit development.


Tomatoes (and all other plants) must have light to grow. Nothing compares to natural sunlight for growing plants, but grow lights inside of a grow tent makes it possible to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest without ever needing direct sunlight. You can control the amount of light, spectrum colors of the lights and the intensity when growing tomatoes indoors inside of a grow tent.


Grow tents are primarily used for growing vegetable plants completely indoors, but the tents and grow lights also have other applications.

Since you can completely control the interior environment of a grow tents, it’s a perfect place to start all of your garden plant seeds. Starting plants from seeds is the most economical way to garden and 100% seed germination is almost guaranteed with the use of a grow tent. When the seeds have germinated and are strong enough for transplanting, they can be transplanted outdoors into an in-ground garden or containers. Selling strong, healthy garden plants in early spring is a great way to supplement income, and a grow tent can help you grow an abundance of healthy garden plants.