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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B 1lt

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B 1lt


Due to a recent scientific discovery-the result of over 109 man-years of research, by a team of over one dozen plant scientists and graduate assistants-you can now set your plants up to grow faster and stronger so you get the maximum yield when they bloom.

It's a proven fact: the better you "set up" your plants for their bloom and finishing cycles-the bigger, heavier, and more impressive yield you'll see. Just like constructing a large building, if you don't have a strong base-you can never build a big, sturdy, and impressive structure!

That's why it's so important to give your plants the correct nutrition, in the correct ratios... and... in the correct manner... during the growth phase, if you want the absolute best from your garden.

Luckily, this advanced breakthrough in growth phase technology takes care of almost all of this for you!

Yes, with this new discovery your crops will...

1. Get faster root development so they absorb more nutrients, more quickly...

2. Grow stronger with sturdier main and side stems with dense lateral branching...

3. Achiever rapid growth and mature earlier so you get faster crop cycles...

4. Get stronger and more easily resist disease, stress and pests so you have safer crops...


If you've ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yield with your plants... then you've probably noticed mysterious pH and PPM fluctuations happen at the same time. It's one of the biggest obstacles to getting "Grand Master Grower" yields from your crops.

In fact, many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the biggest hassles of trying to get their plants through the growth stage quicker.

However, with SENSI GROW™ you'll eliminate pH checking forever because of the proprietary "pH Perfect" technology it uses. In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone's water) - this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout your plants growth phase!

Which means you'll never have to manually adjust your pH... you'll never have to worry that your plants aren't in the premium growing environment... all you have to do is add the SENSI GROW™ to your water and the "pH Perfect" technology takes care of all that for you!

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