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Autopot 4 Pot System

Autopot 4 Pot System


AutoPot kits are designed around the AquaValve and consist of a purpose-made plastic tray which holds the valve and pots. 

The AquaValve is a small device that sits in any water holding tray and regulates the supply of water to the tray. The AquaValve is very different from the conventional ball-cock type of float valve in that it allows total reduction of the fluid level before it refills. The AquaValve is gravity fed so it does not require any electricity, power or pumps to operate automatically. All plants can be fed from a single tank. 

A very simple yet highly effective system that requires minimal maintenance. Simply fill the tank, add food and additives, adjust pH. When the tank is empty, refill. The system is fully and easily expanded and because this is a pot based system all plants are able to be moved around without damaging them.

  • Tray, AquaValve, Discs, Pipe
  • 4 x 15 ltr pots
  • 47 ltr Tank


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