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Beastie bloom 0.45kg

Beastie bloom 0.45kg


NPK: 0-50-30

FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz is a heavy-weight blossom builder that fortifies the inside portion of your flower buds to increase the weight of both blooms and fruit set. This is a high-phosphorus dry formula that is completely water soluble.

Beastie Bloomz can be used as a supplement with your existing nutrients in hydroponics systems or with potted plants. It can also be used as a finishing nutrient towards the end of the plant life, replacing your existing nutrient regimen.

The micronutrients in FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz give your flowers brilliant color while also extending your plants blooming phase!

Once bud set begins, feed your plants with Beastie Bloomz every other watering according to the label’s instructions.

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