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Cannazym Product Details:

Cannazym is an enzyme product that breaks down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms which increase the nutrient absorption of your plants and protects against pathogens and diseases. Cannazym is one of our favourite products that is often underated by growers but always seems to give you much better results come harvest time. Try it and see.

Cannazym is comprised of twelve various enzymes, vitamins and plant extracts which break down dead root material in the root zone and activate beneficial micro-organisms which increases the nutrient absorption of your favourite plants. Cannazym also increases the plants resistance to pathogenic organisms and disease.

In plant root zones, roots die and new roots are formed. Without cannazym the dead roots stay in the rootzone and form an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have grown in the dead root material, they then pose a threat to the healthy roots which are easily affected leading to plant stress and stunted growth.

How does Cannazym work?

Enzymes speed up the reactions in living organisms and can do in minutes and hours what otherwise takes days and weeks (Example: enzymes play a vital role in our digestion). The enzyme in cannazym enable fast conversion of dead roots into minerals and sugars which can then be absorbed by the plant. This is really important, as an additional source of nutrients for your plants.

The fast breakdown of dead roots cannazym enables creates a balanced air and soil hydrology in the rootzone. Furthermore the formation of toxic substances is prevented and the risk of an infection by pathogenic moulds is reduced considerabley.

Cannazym also contains several vitamins that stimulate the plant to grow new roots. When growing hydroponically or in pots a healthy, clean and vigorous root system is crucial to maximizing your potential yield, essentially cannazym does just this.

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