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Canna Flush 250ml - Excess Nutrient Remover

Canna Flush 250ml - Excess Nutrient Remover


 - Excess Nutrient in Plant and Substrate Remover


Canna Flush can be used in 2 ways;

If plants have been over-fertilised then Canna Flush can be used to purge the nutrients from the plant quicker than plain water. This means your plants will recover quicker so you are able to get on with feeding them as normal sooner. The substrate is also cleansed but good bacteria and beneficial fungi is not harmed.


During the last 1-2 weeks of growth it is essential that plants are flushed of all their nutrients to ensure the best taste and final result are achieved. For a long time most growers have just used water for this. Instead try using Canna Flush to fully rid your plant of nutrients for a cleaner tasting final product.

Suitable for:

All growing mediums and systems

When to use:

All stages of growth

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