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CO2 Monitor & Controller

CO2 Monitor & Controller


  • Accurate and long life time NDIR CO2 measuring
  • External CO2 sensor to be used in closed space
  • Display real time CO2 value
  • Display CO2 chart with variable time zoom levels
  • Max. /Min. recall function
  • Programmable CO2 zone value & CO2 center value to control output power on/off
  • Audible alarm warns CO2 concentration
  • Target zone indicator• Built-in Day/Night auto detection to override CO2 control
  • Monitoring & Controlling CO2 value in Green house. Residential and commercial building


For green house, highly accurate digital CO2 controller measures the carbon dioxide level in the grow room and automatically turns off the CO2 device to accurately keep the carbon dioxide PPM at the desired level. For home use, measure the carbon dioxide level in closed space and automatically turns on/off ventilation system to get good air quality.

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