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Controller Kit Carbon dioxide CO2 + Solenoid EcoTechnics (Unis)

Controller Kit Carbon dioxide CO2 + Solenoid EcoTechnics (Unis)





User friendly CO2 Controller that’s well priced and very reliable. The Unis C02 Controller is really simple to set up and use,

 you simply dial in the grow room size on your Unis Controller, connect up the regulator to your gas bottle


. •  Easy to use

  Long-term reliability

 •  16 settings

 •  One simple calculation - your room size

 •  No need to adjust

 •  Low cost

 •  Gas remaining gauge

•  Full 1 year warranty  


The Unis CO2 Controller has been designed with the latest state of the art microprocessor technology which allows 16 individual settings for room size. There is no requirement to alter the flow rate of the gas regulator which is factory pre-set to match the controller making set up and use extremely simple.

   The Unis CO2 Controller was the first commercially available dedicated CO2 Controller on the UK market with a revolutionary set and forget design for fast and simple set up and ease of use. The Unis controller has provided growers with a competitively priced, easy to set up and very reliable means of enhancing CO2 levels.


    The Ecotechnics Unis CO2 Controller has been specifically designed to allow easy CO2 enrichment for home grow room and glass house horticulture, our unique approach to Gas Regulator design makes this the simplest system to set up in the world.

 Just calculate the volume of your growing area in cubic meters and dial it into the Unis Controller its that simple, no more complex calculations about gas flow rate, pressure, on period / off period timing just one setting. 

   The latest version of the Unis CO2 Controller is microprocessor based and has 16 settings from 1 Cubic Meter to 100 Cubic Meters. In use the Unis Controller is very simple and will provide years of trouble free service.


Understanding how the Unis controller works


 Let’s take a closer look at understanding how the UNIS operates in delivering Carbon Dioxide into your Grow room. Example Grow Tent: For this example we’ll choose a Secret Jardin DR240 as the Grow Tent we wish to use Our Unis CO2 controller in. Grow Tent size? DR240 has a cubic capacity of 15m3. Looking on the chart on page 4 we see that we need to choose setting 6 on the Unis controller . Choosing setting 6 means that the Gas Regulator will dose each time for apx. 6 seconds. How much CO2 per dose? The Gas regulator has a preset Gas delivery rate of 17ltrs per minute. 


   Setting number 6 on the Unis doses for 6 seconds, that’s 1 tenth of a minute. So the amount of CO2 released per dose is 1.7ltrs of CO2 Gas into your grow tent. How often does the UNIS dose? The timer in the Unis is preset to make a dose every 240 seconds (4 minutes) You can further regulate this by plugging the Unis into a 24hour timer so that it is onlypowered ON in the DAY cycle for example. When should the UNIS dose? The Unis is designed to ideally dose CO2 into a grow tent after an air extraction.

    The new air introduced after an extraction event will fill the room with clean fresh air that should have a background level of around 400ppm. What will the CO2 PPM level in the grow tent be using a UNIS? Using our example grow tent: Dosing CO2 for 6 seconds in a grow tent of around 15m3 volume should raise the CO2 ppm up from a background level of apx. 400ppm up to around 1600ppm and so give your plants a excellent boost of Carbon Dioxide..


   Things to take into account: •  The optimum time to dose is after an air extraction event during the day cycle. •  How air tight is the grow tent?  •  Please Note: A leaky tent or open zips will allow the COto exit the tent •  How many plants are in your grow tent? •  1 plant will use a small amount of CObut 40 plants will use much more CO•  What stage of development are your plants? •  How are you distributing the gas from the regulator (perforated hose for example) • 


 Do you have a small fan (not extraction) to stir the air in the grow tent to mix the COevenly •  What height do you release the COin the tent? •  CO2 is heavier than Air •  COwill tend to sink to the lower part of the grow tent in “still air” conditions. •  Having an extraction event shortly a dose: This will drop the level of COin the tent. •  No need to dose during the night cycle of the plants. •  Plants do not take up COin the night cycle What the UNIS Carbon Dioxide Controller does NOT do! •  Unis does do not constantly measure/control the level of carbon dioxide. (no analyser) •  If you wish to monitor and control the levels of COuse our Evolution COController   

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