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Crop Guard Dust Off PM Assets 250ml

Crop Guard Dust Off PM Assets 250ml



Powdery Mildew, you see it coming but you think you might be able to harvest before it does to much damage. You bet on yourself to beat this disease to your harvest. Well, the odds are on the Powdery Mildew winning the race. It is a silent killer, starting innocently as a few white, dusty spots and seeming to not do much for a while, however it is actually doing plenty! While you are watching it and counting the days until harvest, it's busy depriving the developing plant and buds of their food. Suddenly it is everywhere!

Dust Off will eradicate Powdery Mildew in one application and is one of the few products that actually does this effectively. As it is systemic you need to be careful that you don't create a a resistant strain of Powdery Mildew by it's overuse. If your plants have had Powdery Mildew in the past, we recommend that you start using a preventative, such as PMT  Not only is it cheaper, but you won't get resistance. Dust Off is for those situations where you suddenly find your plants are infected and you need to eradicate it quickly. We recommend that you use Dust Off to destroy the infection and then one week after commence applications of PMT  so you do not get re-infected. Only use Dust Off once per crop cycle otherwise you WILL get resistance.

20ml makes up 1 litre of spray.

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