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Gas Hotbox A 40,000 BTHU / 11.5 kW Propane or Natural Gas Greenhouse Heater

Gas Hotbox A 40,000 BTHU / 11.5 kW Propane or Natural Gas Greenhouse Heater


The Gas Hotbox is a very popular greenhouse heater which operates on either propane or natural gas. Thermostatically controlled, it is ideal for providing frost protection for up to 100m². Of lightweight, durable construction, the Gas Hotbox is portable, easy to use and energy efficient.
For larger areas, several Gas Hotboxes can be used, all connected to a single gas supply.

Gas Hotbox
Non electric – no need for additional electricity supply
Flame safety valve – guarantees safe operation
Precise thermostatic control – automatically protects against frost, and maintains optimum growing temperature
Low running cost – runs entirely on propane or natural gas
Easy installation – simply attach to supply and switch on
The Gas Hotbox

….knows that a heater which turns “ON” and “OFF” every few minutes in order to maintain an exact temperature is not economical.

….thinks carefully when there is a fall in temperature and turns “ON” the main jet just high enough to maintain the temperature required.

….modulates its output to continuously match changes in the outside temperature.

….decides to switch “OFF” only when the temperature required by the thermostat is fully met.
Thus ensuring the full protection of your greenhouse crop, for growing at your selected temperatures to achieve best growth.

When using Propane Gas, we recommend that two 46kg cylinders are used and connected with an automatic changeover Valve. An indicator will show when the empty cylinder needs replacing. A bulk tank is even more economical as the LPG will be cheaper to buy.

When using Natural Gas the governor should be adjusted to a pressure of 6”WG (150mm WG)

No electricity supply is required to run the standard Gas Hotbox.

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