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GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir

GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir


GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir

The Controller is an important instrument for AquaFarm and WaterFarm growers.
A series of these modules can be interconnected together with the Controller supplying nutrient and water automatically to all the units.

The Controller ACS is a reservoir that allows to connect several irrigation systems, but also keep their independence. By now, the Controller offers 
quite a few important features:

* The Controller makes the nutrient solution circulate between the pots. A complete cycle lasts less than half an hour.
* It also supplies the equality of the pH- and EC-values in all pots at the same time - and so creates a constantly optmized environment for the roots.
* Additionally it's very practical: One single central air compressor is enough to supply nutrient solution to the entire system.
* The Controller fits into all systems, wether we're talking about GHE systems, systems of other producers ore self-made systems. Hoses and connectors can be added to expand the system.

The Controller consits of two parts: The lower container "A" and the upper container "B" (reservoir). The circulation through container "A"  allows a direct influence on the pH- and EC-value. You can reach the reservoir easily by just lifting the top lid of "B".

ca. 46 x 46 x 80 cm

Precise and helpful 

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