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Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen 5L

Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen 5L



If your plants are lacking in colour and the vibrant green has faded, give them a dose of Liquid Silicon to pick them back up.

Liquid Silicon contains Potassium Silicate, a beneficial nutrient for plants that helps to increase cell wall formation, improve photosynthesis and raise the nutrients absorbed through the roots.

Liquid Silicon also raises the PH value of a solution and can be used as an alternative to PH Up.

Liquid Oxygen can be added into your nutrient solution to increase the levels of oxygen in the water.

Liquid Oxygen adds pure fresh oxygen into your water and regular use will increase the growth rate of your plants. It also helps to control and combat root diseases like Pythium and kill any pathogens, re-invigorating the nutrient solution. This product should not be used with any organic or beneficial products as it contains hydrogen peroxide.

Liquid Oxygen can also be used at a higher concentration, to clean and sterilise your hydroponic system or pots.

This is an aggressive liquid and it should be handled with great care, gloves and eye protection should be worn and when not in use it should be stored in a locked cupboard and kept away from children.

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