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hailea air curtain 60cm

hailea air curtain 60cm


Hailea Air Curtain 24" 60cm, Aquatics Hydroponics Fish Tank - oxygen to tank


Item Description

 Air curtains are an ideal way of creating a visual impact in an aquarium; sitting at the bottom of a tank they create a curtain of bubbles in whichever shape you choose due to its flexibility.  

Attached to a suitable sized air pump, they also help to improve water circulation and oxygenation in hydroponic systems. 

Hailea Air Curtains will send a torrent of air bubbles cascading within you tank. 

These Air Curtains are safe for all types of water. 

They can also be bent into any most types of shapes.

This porous rubber hose with good softness, and any shapes required can be made.

It's bubble disperse equally and supply is excellent.

This Air Curtain can be formed into almost any shape and create a impressive wall of bubbles in your aquarium.

Can help your aquarium by providing water movement and aeration.

This Aquarium Bubble Wall is suitable for fresh or salt water.


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