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HR-15 Humidifier hydroponics

HR-15 Humidifier hydroponics



Special Offer buy the HR15 Humidifier, together with the plug & play hygrostat for the special price of

No plant can live without water, indeed most plants are composed mostly out of water and the health of a plant will depend
directly on the relative Humidity of its surroundings.

Leaves lose water through evaporation through their stomata – small openings in special cells on the leaf surface where gaseous exchange takes place.
If the relative Humidity is too low, a plant will start to give up some of its water into the surrounding air which will result in the plant drying out and wilting.

The HR-15 Humidifier is easy to install. Connect direct to water supply or to water tank.
It has a carry handle for easy mobility.

With a wide range of applications:
Greenhouses, Propagation room,Storage Room, 
Mushroom and Orchid cultivation.

imageTo control the humidity, we include the easy to use plug and play Hygrostat. 

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