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LED Grow Lights Hacienda H-16

LED Grow Lights Hacienda H-16


Hacienda LED Grow Lights

Introducing the Hacienda LED grow light that features the latest generation of multi-cob LED technology to push plants, and harvests, to their optimum and beyond while using a fraction of the power compared to equivalent HID grow lamps.

These functional LED lighting fixtures are made up of multiple ‘modules’ that contain 4 x 3w LED’s and a 1” high efficiency COB with a 90° beam angle. Together, these deliver the perfect light spectrum that encourages strong plant growth, greater flowering sites and improved harvests.

The stand out feature of the Hacienda LED Grow Light is the ability to run in Growth Mode, Bloom Mode or Full Spectrum Mode. These modes can be run on their own, or in any combination, meaning you can give plants exactly what they need at any phase during their life cycle. Running the different modes also couldn’t be simpler as its literally just flicking a switch to on. No complicated programming or guess work is required to achieve the perfect light spectrum.

The whole unit is housed in a stylish chassis featuring aluminium side panels, metal front and rear panels, and being white in colour will also help reflect any unused light back down to the plants.

There are also 4 different models available, H-4, H-9, H-16 and H-16 Plus, while the specification for each fixture is as follows: 

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