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An organic, nitrogen-rich formula, developed to ensure optimal root development and accelerated plant growth in the vegetative stage. Containing high levels of nitrogen and aminos, Mills Organics Grow ensures exceptional development in young plants, promoting a strong and healthy root structure. The natural way to give your plants the best possible start. Ensuring that young plants develop properly and have a strong and healthy root structure will give your plants the best possible start.

Why Use Mills Organic Grow?

  • High-nitrogen formula, NPK of 5-2-2.
  • Stronger root structure
  • Accelerated plant growth
  • Prevents mineral deficiency
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Increases resistance against stress conditions
  • Excellent foliar feed, dose at 2-3ml/L.
  • High quality ingredients.
  • Better yields.
  • Organic.
  • Use alongside Base in the vegetative stage.

Why Mills Organics?

There are other organic fertiliser lines available on the market, this is what makes Mills Organics stand out from the crowd…

  • Highest quality ingredients – using plant material only derived from organic farming, extracts from sugar beet, corn and potato, as well as kelp and organically derived mineral elements.
  • Lightest molecular weight – the lighter the weight, the quicker, the quicker the elements can be digested and made available to the plant, the faster the growth. Simply put, Mills Organics is the closest you can get to a mineral fertiliser and still be classified as organic.
  • Highly filtered – this means the product can flow through irrigation lines without congealing and will always remain consistent in colour and thickness from batch to batch.
  • High in carbohydrates –  for maximum flavour and the highest brix (sugar content) fruit.
  • Simplicity – use just three products at any one time and only four bottles in the entire range!
  • 100% available calcium – ensures the strongest plants and the heaviest fruits.
  • Certified vegan – Mills carry the vegan society trademark.

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