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Odor Neutralizer - Odorless ONA Gel PRO (500g)

Odor Neutralizer - Odorless ONA Gel PRO (500g)


ONA is not only an excellent air freshener; it is a true odour neutralizer - effectively eliminating bad smells. 

ONA Pro is more powerful than ONA, with the added benefit that it leaves virtually NO ODOURS behind. When "nothing" is everything, ONA Pro delivers. ONA is formulated using a complex formula of essential oils, and contains terpenes. 

As a result, it is very safe to use, is biodegradable and can be applied in almost any situation. ONA is available in many different forms – liquid, mist, aerosol, blocks and gels - for solving any problem odours.

ONA is an excellent choice for use in janitorial, sanitation and other commercial applications.

It is industrial strength so a little goes a long way.  Yet, it can be used around people and pets because it is an organic and safe product, and in these applications, it will attack and destroy any type of odour, whether it is cigar and cigarette smoke, garbage, food waste or damp and musty odours

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