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Plant Magic Ignition 250ml /rootstim 250ml/magne cal 250ml

Plant Magic Ignition 250ml /rootstim 250ml/magne cal 250ml


ignition 250ml A powerful flowering boost that kick starts flowering and boosts production of oils and sugars for bigger, better tasting crops. Can be used in the later stages alongside a PK such as Plant Magic Platinum PK 9/18 to enhance yield.

  • Powerful bio stimulants for flower development
  • Increases flowering sites to increase yield
  • Increases production of natural plant sugars and oils

Plant Magic - Root Stimulant 250ml

Increases biological activity in the root zone - for root explosive development. Root Stimulant contains high quality humate - for improved nutrient uptake and cycling - plus protein building amino acids and added seaweed for a boost of micro nutrients and natural plant hormones that leads to stronger, faster growth.
Plant Magic - Magne-Cal+250ml

A magnesium and calcium additive that can be used throughout the entire growing cycle, but is particularly effective when used alongside a PK booster during the flowering stage. Magne-Cal+ will prevent deficiencies and also assist in the uptake of potassium, enhancing the effect of the booster.

Ideal cross-sell with any premium bloom stimulator!

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