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Revolution Silenced Vector 200 EC V2

Revolution Silenced Vector 200 EC V2


Revolution Silenced Vector 200 EC V2

The next generation of silenced fans is here. The Revolution Silenced 200 EC V2 is engineered by Systemic to be quieter, lighter and maintain the advantages of the original Revolution Silenced model. It raises the bar and is the ultimate sound-absorbing fan. 

A team of engineers developed a new solution to reduce the noise of airflow. The fans have silent motors and double-balanced blades. The powerful aerodynamically optimised blades and guide vanes which create fast, high-pressure airflows that can cause issues with noise. 

The V2’s housing incorporates a sound-reducing foam created specifically for ventilation systems and does not absorb moisture or dust and the metal flanges are inserted into the housing with rubber grommets which form a seal. The flanges, fan and silencing tube insert into a light, sturdy and moulded body, deadening sound. 

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