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roots excelurator 250ml house and garden

roots excelurator 250ml house and garden


House & Garden’s Roots Excelurator is a unique formulation. Use at 1.1ml per gallon.

Derived From: Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium Hydroxide.

Ingredients Explained: Roots Excelurator is the top show piece in the House and Garden line of nutrients. It’s exact formulation is a well kept company secret. House & Garden maintains their own nutrient manufacturing facility as well as their own laboratories where they continually test each batch of fertilizer they produce. This ensures that gardeners employing House & Garden receive high quality, consistent products.

Application: Add 1.1 ml of Roots Excelurator to every gallon of water in the nutrient solution. Refer to feeding chart for detailed usage instructions.

Gold vs. Silver:

Roots Excelurator Silver runs cleaner in hydroponic and recirculating systems; whereas, Roots Excelurator Gold has more beneficial bacteria.

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