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SMScom 6.5 Amp MK2 single fan controller

SMScom 6.5 Amp MK2 single fan controller


Temperature sensor also available separately

The SMSCom plug-in Smart fan speed controller is a great little piece of kit that allows you to control the speed of your in-line duct fan. The unit plugs directly into a mains outlet and your extraction fan plugs directly into the socket located on the front of the unit. The control on the front of the unit allows the user to manually adjust the speed of the fan and thereby control the rate of extraction. A higher rate of extraction during summer months is generally good as it will reduce the temperature and humidity in the grow-space. However, during winter months, a fan running at full speed may reduce your grow-space temperature too much.

 The SMSCom fan speed controller allows you to reduce the fan speed, allowing your grow-space to remain at a good temperature while simultaneously reducing fan and duct noise. The added temperature sensor very simply plugs into the small jack socket on the top of the unit. 

The control on the fan speed controller sets the minimum constant fan speed while a second control on the thermostatic controller allows you set a “maximum” temperature which when reached will increase the fan speed to full until the temperature in the grow-space has dropped back down again. The SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed can adjust the speed of fans with a maximum power consumption of 1500 Watts (current draw of 6.5 Amps). Using the SMSC

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