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Spectron Light Science LED Boosters bridge gaps in the performance of HPS Lamps, by positioning four LED Boosters in each corner of your growtent, alongside your HPS light, you can ensure your crop receives a more even spread of light as well as a more balanced spectrum. Spectron Light Science has developed two main full spectra; one specially tailored to suit flowering crops with peak red and some far red and the other achieves optimal growth during the vegetative stage with peak blues and highlighted greens.

•  Provide greater canopy penetration to achieve a more even growth

•  Provide growers with light levels up to 2 µmol per Watt, among the highest µmol per Watt currently available

•  Provide a more balanced light level and increased light intensity, which in turn increases photosynthesis and improves nutrient uptake

•  Can provide a power saving of up to 20%; if you choose to reduce the wattage of your HPS Lamp

• Emit a low radiant heat per µmol of output

•  Adds vital blues and greens, which are typically short in HPS light

•  More compact plants with closer internode spacing 

dimensions 100mm x 145mm

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