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SuperPro Fan Speed Controller

SuperPro Fan Speed Controller


SuperPro Fan Speed Controller

The SPEED-B1 is designed to control a variable speed centrifugal fan up to 6-amps. A digital microprocessor and solid state temperature sensor are combined to create an accurate and reliable method to control the temperature within an area using a variable speed fan.

The user selects the temperature they would their area to be. At that temperature or above, the fan will be operated at full power to provide maximum cooling. Once the temperature drops 3°F below that setting, the fan speed will be slowed down by the SPEED-B1 to an “Idle” speed. The adjustable “Idle” speed of the fan can be set by the user so that just the correct amount of air is continuously circulated by the fan to keep the temperature at the preset level. If the unit senses a rise in temperature, the SPEED-B1 again activates the fan at full speed to lower the temperature.

The user also has the ability to select one of three different “Idle” modes of operation for low-temp shut-down, or continuous operation. Abuilt-in photocell automatically activates the unit correctly based on Day or Night lighting levels. Once the unit is plugged into a standard power outlet, and the user’s variable speed fan is connected, the SPEED-B1 will automatically keep the temperature at the preset 

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