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Superthrive 960ml Plant Food Supplement

Superthrive 960ml Plant Food Supplement


  • SUPERthrive is the World's number one plant food supplement
  • Can be used for a massive range of applications
  • Contains a unique mix of 50% vitamins and 50% hormones. It's been a worldwide favourite plant feed supplement for many decades
  • Completely organic and is also popular for orchards, field crops, lawn care, seed germination and hydroponics
  • Its highly concentrated with 1 drop enough for a gallon of water in some applications. One bottle will last a long time
Main Features
A fantastic stress reliever from the USA. SuperThrive is a vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate. Effective when transplanting or any time plants are suffering. Also acts as a booster for super healthy plants and blooms. Add to your nutrient solution at the rate of 1 drop per 4 litres. Used by growers the world over for more than 40 years, SuperThrive is a well known and proven product.
  • Manufacturer: Hydrogarden
  • Shipping Weight: 255
  • Product Dimensions:
    Width: 3.20
    Length: 9.10
    Height: 3.20

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