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The Diamond air ozone generator 160mm

The Diamond air ozone generator 160mm


Diamond Air ozone generators. Ozone is a natural purifier in our ecosystem. Ozone is also used for industrial applications, in order to improve the quality of the air. Ozone eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, odor structures.

Ozone altered the molecular structure of odor particles, which makes this break-up into its own natural elements such as oxygen and carbon. Ozone generators are perfect for cleaning of infected areas or to neutralize with strong-smelling rooms.

Eliminate bacteria, viruses, moulds and dust
100% odor removal
Recirculate disinfected and clean air
Ozone usage for output air flows in enclosed areas
In-line carbon as ultimate certain filtering element
EC fan for energy saving
Advised in-line air cleaning system setup is described below. The polluted air will be disinfected and cleaned by all the required elements:

Fleece filter for large dust particles
Ozone generator for disinfection and odor control
In-line carbon filter for blocking ozone and filtering fine particles
Fan for air flow creation
The fleece filter is required as pre-filter for large dust particles. After ozone generation a minimal length of 3 meters ducting is required. This is to let the ozone have sufficient time to react with the polluted air. It is possible that more ozone is produced than necessary to clean the air. The excess ozone will be blocked by the in-line carbon filter. This will also filter all fine particles. The disinfected and clean air is blown to your desired area by the fan.

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