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Trimzilla 18” Warrior Cut Electric Trimmer Hydroponic Grow Leaf Cutte

Trimzilla 18” Warrior Cut Electric Trimmer Hydroponic Grow Leaf Cutte


Trim Large Quantities of Produce for an Excellent Price

The Trimzilla Warrior Cut automates the process of trimming, making life easier by tackling large quantities of material quickly and effectively. Just drop your plant matter into the chamber and the open the hatch up when it looks ready. The finished goods will then run down the collection slide and into a (separately available) bucket.

  • Automated trimming - requires very little effort
  • A real bargain - represents exceptional value for money
  • Saves hours of time compared to using trimming scissors
  • Great for taking care of large quantities of material
  • Collects waste, keeping the area clean and tidy
  • Very easy to operate
  • Comes with a powerful motor - no need to drive the blades by hand!
  • Features three speed settings


1 x main body, 1 x back panel, 1 x collection slide, 1 x set of feet, 2 x legs, 1 x collection bag

Recommended Additional Purchases
Can-A-Wipes 30s
Isopropyl Alcohol

How the Warrior Cut Trimmer Works

The Warrior Cut Trimmer works in a similar way to the Bowl Trimmer, except in this instance the process is automated, allowing you to trim larger quantities of produce over shorter periods of time. There's no need to turn any handles here, because the Warrior Cut Trimmer is equipped with a poweful motor. When you drop plant materials into the top of the unit a series of rubber tongues keeps them circulating around the top chamber. At the bottom of this chamber is a grate, and underneath the grate is a spinning blade. When excess leaf matter finds its way through the grate, it gets chopped off by the blade. This helped by the fact that the blades have flaps attached to them, which generates suction, pulling leaf matter downwards.


Fully assembled: 45cm (w) x 49cm (l) x 97cm (h)

Main unit: 42cm (diameter) x 40cm (h)

How to Use The Warrior Cut Trimmer

Setting the unit up is a quick and easy process. Fit the legs to the side of the main body, then secure the feet into the legs. Screw the back panel in place and screw the collection slide into the side of the unit. Fit the collection bag to the bottom of the unit and you're good to go.

The Warrior Cut Trimmer is very simple to operate. There's a power button and a dial, which allows you to choose from three different speed settings. All you need to do is drop your materials into the top of the unit; the rotating rubber tongues will then drive the produce around the chamber, ensuring that the end-product is evenly trimmed. When you're happy with the level of trimming, open the door and the materials will be driven out through the collection slide. Just make sure that you have a bucket (or something similar) placed underneath to catch plant materials as they exit. Alternatively, the Warrior Cut's main body can be turned upside down on its legs, allowing you to empty it out by tipping it over.

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